Building on your Associate's Degree gives you a Significant Cost Advantage.

If a bachelor's degree is your goal, there is not a more affordable option.

  • Exclusive tuition rate for Gateway Technical College graduates.
    • Take classes at a special tuition rate of $349* per hour. This tuition rate is only available to Gateway Technical College graduates maintaining continuous enrollment toward a bachelor's degree. Save up to 30% on bachelor's degree completion!
  • Ottawa University starts with learning you've already accomplished and paid for.
    • We respect the learning you've achieved at Gateway Technical College, so we transfer in ALL the courses in your associate's degree.
  • Most of our students receive financial aid. You may be eligible for more than you think.
    Three primary types of aid are available:
    • Grants, including the Federal PELL Grant program
    • Federal and private loans
    • Other aid such as veteran's benefits, employer reimbursement and outside scholarship programs

Contact us today. We'll help you apply for financial aid and talk to you about tuition costs.

* Tuition will be charged at a rate of $150 below the standard undergraduate per credit hour rate; tuition rates are subject to change.

Contact a Transfer Advisor

for more information about transferring credits!