Building on your Associate's Degree gives you a Significant Cost Advantage.

If a bachelor's degree is your goal, there is not a more affordable option.

  • Ottawa University starts with learning you've already accomplished and paid for.

    We respect the learning you've achieved at JCCC so, with the exception of activity or developmental courses, we transfer in ALL of the courses in your associate's degree.
  • Ottawa University works with you to give you your most affordable path to a bachelor's degree.

    Our free bachelor's degree planning session outlines how to leverage affordable classes toward your bachelor's degree. That may include additional classes at JCCC – so you can make the most of your education investment.
  • Exclusive scholarship for JCCC students

    When you activate your degree plan, and transfer to Ottawa University, you save on bachelor's degree completion. Take classes at a special tuition rate of $399* per hour. This tuition rate is only available to Johnson County Community College graduates. Save 20% on bachelor's degree completion!

*Tuition rates are subject to chance. 

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We respect your education at JCCC. That's why we transfer in the credits you've earned.


See how easy it is to transfer to Ottawa University.